Welcome to Urban Rail Safety

Urban Rail Safety is committed to the training of Rail employees to ensure that we provide a well-trained workforce to meet and exceed our Client’s requirements.

Urban Rail Safety hold a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). URS RTO provides industry leading and innovative training, assessment and recertification services to the Australian Rail Industry.

Urban Rail Safety is approved by Transport for NSW as training provider (ATP) to deliver the National UOC TLIF 2080 Safely access the rail corridor Competency since 2015.


8hr TLIF2080 – Safely access the rail corridor (RIW/RISI), we can also provide a customised training to a group of 6 or more participants as required.


We are located at 177 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool NSW 2177 at the same location as a which is (AHP) Approved Health Provider  Work Recover Medical centre by Transport for NSW, alternatively you can find an approved health practitioner in your area by logging on to this website:


If you would like to use  Work Recover Medical centre we can also assist you to undertake the Health Assessment (CAT 3 Medical) at the same location Monday and Friday of each month for which you will need to pay the medical centre separately.