Medical Application

All contractors working in the rail corridor or performing safety-critical work must pass a health assessment to confirm they are fit to do such work.  Medical Examination is mandatory and can only be administered by an Authorised Health practitioner by transport regulator, follow the link to locate one near you!!

Authorised Health Professionals

All RIW Cards holders require Cat 3 medical which can be obtained at the same location where Urban Rail Safety is located which also has an agreement with Work Recover Medical Centre located at the same address at 177 Elizabeth Drive Liverpool. Dr Tom Lieng can be contacted on 02 9600 7778 for an appointment Mon to Fri 08:30 to 14:30.

Cost for Cat 3 medical is $201.63 including GST on Monday & Friday only, for Group bookings call us.

For additional information visit:

Download the pdf application and once completed submit it to your medical practitioner.

This form should be submitted to the authorised health service provider at least 8 business days before the start of the relevant training course.